Photo: Cadillac

We here at Jalopnik frequently post wild videos captured from dash cams or surveillance cameras. It’s usually silly stuff like cows falling out of trucks, or fights between crazy Russians. Well, looks like Cadillac wants to give us more crazed internet fodder, as they’ve thrown a surround-vision video recording system on their CT6. This should be good.

Cadillac’s CT6 surround-vision video recording system (standard on all but the base trim) uses four of the car’s seven cameras—one on each door mirror, one on the grille and one on the trunk— in what I like to call “dash cam mode” or “surveillance mode.”

Dash cam mode uses the front and rear cameras to record while someone is driving, and Cadillac says it can be used to “record an incident.” Surveillance mode uses all four cameras, and is activated with the car’s security system. So anytime the CT6 is “disturbed,” those four cameras will start recording footage onto an SD card.

The crazy video footage can then be saved permanently to that SD card, or viewed on a laptop, whereupon it will be sent to, and we will share it for the world’s enjoyment.