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The Buick Avenir Is Coming But Not As A Car

Illustration for article titled The Buick Avenir Is Coming But Not As A Car

We oohed and aahed ourselves stupid over the lovely Buick Avenir Concept in 2015. It was absolutely gorgeous and its proportions were effortlessly good. And now it’s coming to the market—sort of.


Buick says that it will introduce a new Avenir sub-brand, designed to woo luxury buyers. Everyone wants to woo luxury buyers! Avenir-touched cars will have:

distinct touches to Buick’s timeless, sculpted designs, including a three-dimensional mesh grille, large-diameter wheels, and unique trim finishes. Inside, Avenir models will enhance the brand’s quiet, inviting environment with unique seat details, modern trim materials and Avenir script identification.


Big wheels! A grille! Trim pieces! Seat details(?)!

A Buick spokeswoman confirmed that this does not mean a new Avenir car, it just means that existing cars will eventually come with an Avenir package option, much like how certain GMC vehicles have the Denali option. Car and Driver reported that the treatment will appear on three existing Buick models, but Buick wouldn’t say which.

Buick was also mum about when we could expect to see Avenir Buicks.

I won’t hide my disappointment that Buick’s big Avenir announcement wasn’t that the Avenir was happening. But I’m hopeful because the Corolla started out as a sub-brand of Toyota. At one point, there was a whole family of Corolla-badged cars. And now look—standalone Corolla models everywhere.


In case you needed a reminder, here’s the Avenir Concept.

Illustration for article titled The Buick Avenir Is Coming But Not As A Car

I can dream and I can wish. I want to believe that a world filled with Buick Avenirs will exist.

Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.

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Buick, a bad sub-brand that isn’t needed, is going to have another bad sub-brand that isn’t needed.