​The Bugatti Veyron Successor Is Reportedly Called The Chiron

Next year Bugatti will unleash its an all-new supercar onto the world, and now we've got a name.

According to Jens Meiners from Car und Driver, the Veyron's successor will be called the Chiron, after former Bugatti racing driver Louis Chiron (and not, apparently, the kick-ass centaur from Greek mythology).


Chiron raced for 35 years, managed to snag more podium finishes than any other Bugatti driver and was also the oldest hot-shoe to race in Formula One, running in the Monaco Grand Prix when he was 58. Bugatti built a tribute to him in 1999, the 18/3 Chiron, which eventually served as part of the inspiration for the Veyron's design (above).

The most recent news about the Veyron's replacement came in July, with Reuters reporting that it would pack a hybrid drivetrain good for something in the neighborhood of 1,500 hp, and Bugatti is aiming to beat its predecessor's top speed of 268 mph.


Bugatti will almost assuredly trot out a concept of the Chiron before it gets the green light for production, and the smart money is on a Geneva debut.

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