The Bugatti Veyron Super Sport is the world's fastest production car, with an unchallenged top speed of 268 mph. Other cars may be faster in certain ways, but it's the king until someone knocks off its crown.


And speaking of dethroning, the SS appears to be attempting just that with a furious session around the Nürburgring earlier today. Can the heavy Veyron best the Gumpert or Viper? Can it even beat the Nissan GT-R?

Our 'Ring-happy friends over at Bridge to Gantry are right to point out that, while the Veyron SS is an engineering feat, it's likely not going to be as quick through the twisty Nordschleife.

All the technology and engineering that allows it to drive like The Flash while being driven by people with the reflexes of Comic Book Guy also makes it a bit of a porker.

So who does it have to beat? The fastest production car is the Dodge Viper ACR with a 7:12 lap time. The bespoke Gumpert Apollo Sport did it in 7:11.57, but that's a production car in the same way Scarlett Johansson is the girl next door — technically she has to live next to someone.


The Corvette ZR1 did it in 7:19.63, which is fairly impressive. The formerly budget 2012 Nissan GT-R did it in 7:20.


BtG guesses 7:31, which is faster than the old model by nearly ten seconds but still a little on the slow side. We're anxious to hear the real time if anyone is ever willing to share it.

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