The Bugatti EB110 Super Sport Was A Bigger Achivement Than Any Veyron

That’s mostly because it was one man’s dream turned into reality at 212mph, not a giant global carmaker’s interpretation of the whole Death Star idea.

Nobody seems to know exactly how many SuperSports were built, but this silver SS, chassis number 39001 is a particularly interesting car as it was one of the four built for the Sultan of Brunei.

And although it wasn’t the first Super Sport they produced, since the Sultan insisted on having the first three, Romano Artioli made sure it left the factory wearing the correct numbers.


They even fitted it with a plaque to keep his majesty happy:

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Either way, the EB110 is a fascinating car that was not only the most advanced thing on four wheels in 1992, but also a very well balanced drivers’ machine with an exterior that still feels fresh today.

A year later, the EB110 Supersport added (at least) 610 horsepower to the package as well as an adjustable rear wing and a lightened body, but kept the sophisticated all-wheel drive system, the power-steering and the accurate manual gearbox, because Bugattis weren’t supposed to feel like a Lotus inside.


This Brunei car resides in the UK since 2007, which is great news because the Sultan is an asshole who shouldn’t have nice things at all.

It’s very hard to build a truly special car, but if this doesn’t qualify, I don’t know what does.


Photo credit: EB110 Registry


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