The Bugatti Chiron Goes As Planned Despite Volkswagen's Massive Cutbacks

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The fact that Volkswagen will still try to sell you the fastest production car in the world without delaying it after its announced $1.1 billion cutback is most likely due to the fact that the Bugatti Chiron should be almost ready by now.


We still don’t know how hard Volkswagen gets hit by the Dieselgate scandal in the long run, but freshly appointed CEO Matthias Mueller was pretty clear about how the VW Group prepares for the worse:

We will review all planned investments, and what isn’t absolutely vital will be canceled or delayed.


But Bugatti themselves say everything will continue as planned in spite of this. Of course, since Bugatti has only one model to sell after the Veyron project was finished, I guess we could call the Chiron “absolutely vital” from their point. Than again, no hobby is more expensive than creating the world’s fastest car and keeping its title for a whole decade.

Either way, the genie is out of the bottle, so Bugatti says the Chiron will debut in time, as planned.

If it’s going to be anything like the Vision Gran Turismo Concept that set their designers loose a bit, we shall not be disappointed.


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