The Bug Movie Documentary About The Volkswagen Beetle Is Finally Out, And I'm Still In It

Illustration for article titled iThe Bug Movie/i Documentary About The Volkswagen Beetle Is Finally Out, And Im Still In It

That documentary I was a part of along with my close, personal best friend* Ewan McGregor is finally available for purchase! Remarkably, I somehow wasn’t edited out completely. It’s really well-done, and I’m excited it’s now available.

The documentary is notable in that I believe it’s the first documentary about the Beetle to include any extensive information about Josef Ganz’s contributions to the Beetle’s fundamental design. Ganz was the Jewish automotive journalist who was a huge advocate for rear-engines, backbone chassis, swing axles, streamlined bodies, and so many other fundamental features of the Beetle. Being Jewish in Germany at that time, I expect you can imagine things didn’t work out so hot for him.


On a more upbeat note, the documentary is also filled with amazing-looking scenery, vintage Volkswagens, handsome men named Ewan McGregor, and much, much more.

Also, my yellow Beetle is in there, too, which makes me very proud.

* No actual contact with Ewan McGregor can be confirmed. It’s likely he has no idea who I am, and prefers to keep it that way.

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Porsche was my first word

I hate the Käfer.

Friend of mine had it as first car, was only talking “Bug” the whole day long til my ears were bleeding.

Nothing against a good “Benzingespräch”, but anytime, anywhere, nothing else? When 18? No, thanks. I’m fed up.