The British Builder Of This Homemade Electric Motorcycle Is Okay In My Book

A police officer pulled over a driver on London’s M25 motorway—the busiest motorway in the UK—not because the vehicle was obstructing traffic or causing any sort of issue, but more because the officer was so confused about what the vehicle was. It turned out the vehicle was an electric motorbike with a special home-built aerodynamic shell made from balsa wood and duct tape, and the whole thing is completely legal.

The officer that pulled over the vehicle made it clear that there was nothing actually wrong with the vehicle, it’s just happily baffling:


A police spokesperson confirmed to the BBC that the vehicle was properly registered and approved, and all associated insurance and taxes were up to date.

Others have spotted this little hand-built wonder on the road before:

Personally, I’m pretty impressed, for multiple reasons. First, anyone who builds their own vehicle and then actually uses it to get around is okay in my book, and I like how it looks like a cross between a running shoe and the cockpit of a spaceship, at least until you get close and see the wrinkly texture of all that tape.

Plus, I’m impressed with the cast-iron nuggets of anyone willing to drive something made of balsa wood and tape on a major highway; that’s no joke.


Plus, it’s not like this guy seems to be showing off or anything; look at the picture the cop took—you can see groceries crammed in the back, there:


This is just that guy’s car, he’s not trying to make some sort of statement, he’s just living life and carrying on the wonderful British tradition of tinkering and inventing, a tradition that has given the world the Snoozatron and 525 Crackervac.

The design is interesting, and incorporates a prominent boat-tail, what appear to be bicycle-grade lights and indicators, and appears to even sport a windshield wiper.


If this thing was keeping up with traffic on the M25, it couldn’t be that slow, right? I’m seriously impressed. Way to go, you crazy bastard!

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