The BMW M2 Really Is The Best M Car You Can Buy Right Now

If you still don’t believe the BMW M2 is today’s best M car even after it showed up the M4 on the track, watch this M2 review by Carfection, the group formerly known as XCar. Let’s just say: they like this little Bimmer. They like it a lot.


Last week’s video from Motor Trend pitted the M2 against the M4 on the track, and the two sports cars finished nearly neck-and-neck, with the M2 rounding the track about two tenths quicker. That’s a good showing for the much cheaper little M-car.

But who cares about that? What really matters is Fahrvergnügen—how fun and engaging is the car to drive? Carfection’s Alex Goy thinks the answer is very much so. Just watch him sing the M2's praises, calling it “an analog car in a time where analog is dying out.”

Clearly, he’s a fan. So much so, even, that he compares BMW’s cheapest M car to the M3 and M4, saying:

It’s so much different than the M3 and M4. This feels more like a sports car. This feels a bit more hard core. A bit, well, a bit better, to be honest. It feels awesome.

He signs off saying: “I honestly think that the M2 is gonna go down as one of the great M cars.”

What a great time it is to be an enthusiast.

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