The BMW M2 Is So Easy To Drive On The Limit We Went Around A Track One-Handed

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Because the 2017 BMW M2 is one of the most sought-after performance cars of this year, we had to put it on track in the capable hands of professional race car driver, Parker Kligerman. After a few warmup laps, Parker yelled to me from the driver’s seat that he was “going to do the next lap one-handed.” My palms began to sweat as I pressed record.

Photos credit: Mike Roselli/Jalopnik
Photos credit: Mike Roselli/Jalopnik

During one of our laps at Lime Rock Park, he yanked the wheel back and fourth while going through Big Bend at full speed. I was completely terrified in the passenger seat, but in the video you can see Parker is in complete control of the car and its behavior.

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Stay tuned for a longer, more thorough track review of the M2 next week.

Michael Roselli is Jalopnik's Video Creative Director.

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farscythe - makin da cawfee!

sooo... is this a case of brilliant driver making it look easy... or a case of brilliant car making it easy for said driver?