The BMW M2 Is Only 25 Pounds Lighter Than The BMW M4

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Here’s a weird tidbit about the new BMW M2: even though it’s a size smaller than its M4 big brother, the M2 is hardly any lighter.


The news comes from MotorTrend, which listed the car as 3,411 pounds in European specification, 101 pounds lighter than an M4. But MT talked to BMW North America about how the cars would stack up when ordered in the United States, and the results looked different:

In grand 2 Series tradition, the M2 is shockingly overweight. Despite being 8.3 inches shorter and 0.6 inch narrower than an M4, the M2 we tested weighs only 101 fewer pounds—and our M2 was a European-spec pre-production car that lacked some weight-adding features that come standard on U.S.-spec M2s, namely power seats, automatic climate control, and an upgraded Harman Kardon stereo with satellite radio. We expect the U.S. car to be at least 75 pounds heavier, and indeed BMW of North America lists the weight difference between the M2 and M4 at just 25 pounds.

That’s insane! How dense must the M2 be?

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How dense must the M2 be?

Not as dense as its buyers have to be.