You know how the new BMW M2 is actually more like the old M3s used to be? Well, MotoGP just got the best version if it yet, with the M Division’s vintage livery and some gold paint all around.

The BMW M2 is a 365 horsepower rear-wheel drive coupe that’s lighter than an M4/M3 and also available with a manual gearbox. What’s not to love? Still, if you need some help imagining what a BMW M2 GTS would look like, have a peek at MotoGP’s new safety car.

BMW will continue to supply the MotoGP series with safety cars until at least 2020. These vehicles are hand-assembled at BMW M along with the rest of BMW’s MotoGP fleet, and the list of upgrades for their M2s includes a new front splitter with a more aggressive body kit all around, a carbon diffuser, sport exhausts, golden accessories like a half-cage, a carbon fiber wing and the wheels, plus a light bar.

Lose the light bar and the ads, and you’ve got a product.

That’s not a manual!
Did somebody say Bill Caswell?
Gold works. Photo credit to all: BMW

No manual on this one. I know...

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