The BMW i8 Prototype Is In Vegas – Find It!

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Just last week we saw a Jaguar F-Type Coupe out testing in New York, and today brings us another prototype testing here in the States. This time, it's a BMW i8, and it's been spotted in Las Vegas.


Sporting its traditional Van Gogh camouflage, the i8 is probably headed out to the desert for some hot weather testing. That's based on no information at all and is purely a guess, but hey it seems likely and you're free to leave your own suggestions in the comments. Either way, this is probably some later-stage stuff, as we've already seen it in the cold and it's supposed to debut for 2014.

For those who are forgetting, the i8 is actually a pretty sweet looking ride (check out those rear wings!) that should feature a three-cylinder engine driving the rear wheels with an electric motor driving the front, with good power and rumors of fuel economy in the 80 miles per gallon range.

As with the F-Type, if you happen to see the BMW i8 toodling around the desert, making great giant leaps over sand dunes, don't hesitate to send your photos in to tips at jalopnik dot com or leave them in the comments below.

Big H/T to Theodore!


The back end of these is a bit of disappointment. Make it look closer to the CR-Z than the 918 on the economycar/supercar spectrum.