We dropped by Bill Caswell's outpost at SEMA, where he's building a Baja truck from a BMW E30 at the Miller Electric Manufacturing booth. Only two weeks before the race, and the car's still a bare frame, but who's worried?


Caswell, a.k.a. the $500 Craiglist rallyer, plans to take his SEMA-built E30 into the Score 1000 Baja race - the first time anything wearing the Bavarian badge that's not a motorcycle has entered the event. His welding job includes a complete roll cage and additional frame members to hold the massive suspension necessary for roughest desert terrain Mexico can offer.

While there's some deadlines looming, Caswell seems relaxed. Do we worry that Caswell and his pals are having too much fun? No, not at all:

(Photo: Curtis Walker)

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