The Biggest Movie Car Chase Ever

What happens when you seamlessly cut and splice together chase scenes from 14* of the biggest big budget action flicks — including The Rock, The Matrix Reloaded, Transformers, and Bad Boys II? You get this absolutely amazing eleven-and-a-half-minute short film calledChasing Trinity: Part 2. It's the biggest, baddest, most Michael Baygasmic car chase... in the world. Ever.


Here's what YouTube user BlueYoda has to say about the "plot" of his spliced-together masterpiece of motor-enhanced mayhem:

The story thus far: Will Smith is chasing Trinity after she tries an escape with the secret documents. Sean Connery is not far behind and Nicolas Cage tries to keep up, but Matt Damon intervenes. A huge meta car chase ensues.


Plot? What the hell is that? I don't watch car chases for plot. I watch them just so I can take a short break from mainlining my normal potent mix of amphetamines, cocaine and synthetic adrenaline. You know, just like Michael Bay does. Awesome!

*Can you name all 14 movies used the clip? Try! Just leave your answers in the comments below. But don't cheat by fast forwarding to 11:25 for the answers!

Extra Credit: One clip used was actually from two movies, but only one is credited. Can you name the second, uncredited movie?

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Ronin's car chase may not be the biggest but it's one of the best. I was watching it recently and noticed that most major European automakers were represented. The Bourne Identity movies, I forget which exactly, also have had great chase scenes. Unlike most movies I feel like people who actually understand driving set up those sequences.

There's also Mad Max. Not necessarily realistic, but it allows you to really savor some bad ass vehicles.

Then there's crap like The Rock, which features one of the worst. The obnoxiously shaky camera obscures the fact that the F355 was barely moving faster than walking speed. And that movies typifies a chase sequence as directed by people who buy sports cars for show.

Speaking of car chases, has anyone seen Drive? Is it any good?