The "Big Bus" Was Scrapped, But You Can Read All About It

Weeks ago we wondered where "The Cyclops" from the awful-awesome disaster-parody flick "The Big Bus" ended up. Turns out it was scrapped after all, but an issue of Bus World wrote all about the articulated, double-decker behemoth.


You can read all about the construction of The Cyclops in David Sandmeier's piece for the now-defunct Bus World, but there are a cool aspect we'd like to take time to point out. First, there were no drawings ever done for this monster, not even conceptual drawings, they just eyeballed everything. The double-decker bendy-bus was actually never a bus to begin with, it's two cab and chassis trucks which could operate independently to get to the set and were then pinned together at the middle. Perhaps the best part is — you know that the ridiculous second-level cocktail lounge above the twin driver's positions? It was actually fully functional. Now that's bus travel in style. (Many thanks to tipster Ed)

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