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The Big 3 Performance Limited Edition 650 HP Ford Mustang

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Big 3 Performance, the company most noted for one-off customs and supercharged purple Cadillac Escalades is now working with Stroker and a couple of other custom parts makers to produce one hundred 2007 and 2008 Mustangs with 650 HP. We've no idea how they're going to do it and they're really not telling us much in the press release — but here's the kicker — they'll all have three-year/36,000 mile warranties. We've no idea on cost, but we'd expect GT500-level for that kind of a horsepower and powertrain coverage combo. Hopefully they'll let us take one of the 650 HP versions out for a spin — or at the very least one of the thirty 500HP or even one of the fifty "appearance package" versions . Full press release below the jump.

Big 3 Performance 650 Horsepower Limited Edition Mustang

Big 3 Performance and several of today's leading aftermarket manufacturers have embarked on a project to create a limited production Mustang. For this project Big 3 has taken their experience building one off customs to research what they believe will be the standard of performance for Mustangs in this price group.

August 7, 2007 — Big 3 Performance has joined up with some of the biggest names in aftermarket performance and restyling to take on the likes of America's premier muscle cars. Big 3 has assembled a group of industry giants that have extensive experience in the Mustang enthusiast market to produce a limited number of 100 vehicles for the 2007-2008 model years. Over the past year Big 3 Performance has combined their research, experience and ambition to offer this hand assembled Limited Edition Mustang. Big 3 not only promises more performance per dollar than their competition but also offers a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty on these vehicles.

The Big 3 Performance Limited Edition Mustang's feature many enhancements that not only stay true to the classic design but also add a modern aggressive twist. Of the 100 vehicles built, Big 3 plans on producing just twenty of these 650 horsepower Mustangs. There will also be thirty 500 horsepower cars and fifty vehicles equipped with this menacing appearance package.

About Big 3 Performance
Big 3 Performance has established a reputation for their dedication to perfection that has made them highly respected among their piers. Their special combination of innovative ideas and ambition has placed them at the forefront of performance for today's modern muscle cars. The release of these Limited Edition Mustang's is a testament to their ongoing pursuit to bring super car performance to all generations of Mustang enthusiasts.