The Best Way to Refuel Your FCX Clarity

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You're going to want a Honda Home Energy Station IV if you're going to be tooling around town in your new Clarity fuel cell vehicle, lest you should have to fill up at a community hydrogen station like a commoner. This trick station hooks up to your home's natural gas supply and not only produces hydrogen for your FCV, but also heating and electricity for your home. The system provides a reduction in emissions and energy use by utilizing gas purification and power generation in one unit. Like all good things, this is still an experimental project. Press release below:

Honda Introduces Experimental Home Energy Station IV

11/14/2007 - TORRANCE, Calif., -

Honda today announced that it has begun using the Home Energy Station IV at its Honda R&D Americas, Inc. facility in Torrance, California. This fourth-generation experimental unit is designed to provide fuel for a hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle, as well as heat and electricity for a home. The new system is more compact and efficient, with a lower operating cost than previous models. The announcement coincides with the world debut of the all-new FCX Clarity hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show.


Honda's Home Energy Station technology is designed to facilitate the broader adoption of zero-emissions fuel cell vehicles, like the FCX Clarity, by developing a home refueling solution that makes efficient use of a home's existing natural gas supply for production of hydrogen, while providing heat and electricity to an average-size home.

The Home Energy Station IV can reduce both cost and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions for the consumer. Compared to the average U.S. consumer's home with grid-supplied electricity and a gasoline-powered car, a home using Home Energy Station IV to help produce heat and electricity and also to refuel an FCX Clarity can reduce CO2 emissions by an estimated 30 percent and energy costs by an estimated 50 percent.

"Honda is striving to address the need for a refueling infrastructure for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles," said Ben Knight, vice president of Honda R&D Americas. "The Home Energy Station represents one promising solution to this issue, while offering the added benefit of heating and powering the home more efficiently."

Working with technology partner, Plug Power, Inc., Honda began operation of a Home Energy Station in October, 2003. Home Energy Station IV represents the latest evolution of the technology with a 70 percent reduction in size compared to the first unit, making it even more suitable for household installation. By combining gas purification and power generation components, overall size reduction and efficiency gains are achieved, while enabling it to switch from hydrogen refining to power generation when needed.

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I said it once, so it bears repeating. Why didn't one of the American big 2 3/4 put this to market..... and it was so eloquently pointed out to me that it really isn't profitable or feasible yet. Seems like a great engineering company like Honda did it, so the American companies are just Marketing People, able to sell the product, powerless to engineer it.

You know how the American Big 2 3/4 can become more profitable practically overnight? Lay off the feeble Marketing Departments, get rid of the over paid management staff, and let REAL Engineers run the companies.