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You hit black ice. You see a car ahead spin out on the highway. You spot the back end of a truck coming out of a hidden driveway. Now what?

A lot can go wrong every time you get behind the wheel. We got some simple advice on how to cope from the guys of The Deadliest Catch when they came on Jalopnik today.


Reader SasquatchElvis asked the question a lot of us wonder when we see people return to a set that has "deadliest" in the title.

Also, how do you keep your calm in the Bering sea? Is it just something you're used to, or do the storms and crazy waves get to you as well? This is being asked by a guy who grew up in Kentucky and has only been on serious open water 2-3 times.


This is where Sig gave some sagely advice.

When I was a kid, we spent 8-12 months in a year on the water. Personally, I'm gone 4-6 months nowadays. The boat is busy for an average of 9.

The boats are plenty tough, try 130 knots in a 50 foot wave. Kinda speaks for itself.

I keep calm because I'm too stupid to do anything else.

Words to live by, right there.

Photo Credit: David Burke