The Best Ten Minutes Of Racing You'll See All Week

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Veteran Holden driver Jamie Whincup tries to hold off rookie Shane Van Ginsbergern in a Ford during the closing laps of The Gold Coast 600. It's bumper-rubbing, corner-slicing V8 Supercar racing at its best.

[via WebRidesTV]


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Can someone explain to me why a motorsport like this isn't more popular in the States than NASCAR?

Is it that these cars move around too much to make for good billboards? Would the NIMBYs all piss and moan every time an event came to town and they had to block off city streets? Does NASCAR appeal more to America's highway driving sensibilities? Does the drawn out nature of NASCAR allow time for the idiotic WWE-style melodramas between drivers and teams?

It seems like success is dictated by how much money can be consistently thrown at marketing something. I always feel like the year that people get caught up in a particular sport is the year it's been marketed more heavily. And for the reasons indicated above, amongst others, it's easier to convince companies to invest in NASCAR.

How often are there such intense match-ups in NASCAR? Almost never. NASCAR seems to follow the more deliberate, languid pace common to other popular American sports, basketball excluded I suppose. It gives the spectator time to dwell on every single play.