The Best-Sounding Drift Car in the Country Is For Sale

Anyone who has heard the howling wail of Geoff Stoneback’s V8-swapped Nissan 240SX knows that this is no exaggeration.


Here is the full listing for the car but first, please, just listen to how good this thing sounds. It’s an LS7, but technically a custom block with 7.3 liters of displacement. Horsepower is 800, torque is 750 lb-ft, and that’s leaving the nitrous out of the equation. In any case, the sound:

It is a shredding kind of sound, like sheets of canvas being torn into long strips. Hm. That doesn’t sound dramatic. It’s kind of like a sail on a ship getting ripped open by a storm. Yeah, that’s better. It is somewhere between a roar and a howl, angry and just this side of sounding like it’s going to blow itself apart.

This thing was purple when it competed in Formula Drift a few years back, always something of a wildcard, an underdog of a very simple formula executed perfectly (V8 up front, four-speed dog box going to a Winters rear diff, not much else in between), going up agains the more wild builds of FD’s largely unrestricted series.

Stoneback wants $55,000 for it, which is more than what Papadakis got for his rear-wheel-drive Scion on Bring a Trailer, but Stoneback’s car is significantly more conventional, and presumably more manageable for someone to own.


There’s certainly a feeling that someone will buy this as a top-level competition car, but if it were me I’d get it just to hear the engine wind out. It’s so good.


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