The Best Part Of The Next Forza Game Is It's Free And On Your Phone

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We’re entering a new exciting age of mobile gaming—games which are usually free and surprisingly packed with content. There’s finally a serious racing game coming to phones with Forza Street, and I couldn’t be more excited.


I’m not very good at racing games. I’ve never been. I struggle to transfer my first-hand knowledge of driving through my digits on the little knobs on the controller, and I’ve never had the kind of fuck-you money (or any hint of skill) that would lead me to invest in a full gaming rig with a wheel and pedals.

I like my video games action-packed, arcade-y, and fun-oriented. Lately I’ve been playing Call of Duty Mobile, which is free to download and play, comes with regular COD multiplayer, zombies, and battle royale modes, and tons and tons of free content to win and even more for purchase should you so choose.

It’s a full COD game on my phone, which I can take anywhere, play anywhere, at anytime. And now, if I can get that with the new Forza Street mobile game launching next month, I’ll never get anything productive done again so long as there’s electricity to power my phone.

The new game will be available on both Android and iOS devices starting May 5th, and if you register and play the game in its first month, you’ll unlock the 2017 Ford GT as a special gift. Again, all free.

The game’s website suggests there will be one-minute races, likely online against other players, as well as a story mode. It’s unclear if those are just two of many options. There’s not much detail yet, but there is a trailer that showed off some cars including a Nissan Skyline, Dodge Viper ACR, Ford Mustang GT, BMW E30 M3 and 8 Series, Lamborghini Muira and Aventador, and others.

You can also expect the ability to upgrade the cars in your garage with modifications—some may be free, some may be paid upgrades—as well as cosmetic packages.

You can pre-register to play the game on May 5 now through the Android application store, with iOS availability supposedly soon to follow. There’s also the free-to-play Forza Street PC version which you can play now.


This is what teenage Justin wanted. Spending $500 on a next-gen console? Not the future. Downloading a free game on my phone I already bought? It’s the future.

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Mercedes Streeter

Sadly, it's Forza in name only.

It started life as ‘Miami Street’ and you play just by pushing two buttons. No steering.

I can only imagine it now has the Forza name as a shameless cash grab (free to play mobile games = microtransactions like crazy).