The Best Part About the New Electric Jaguar E-Type Conversions Is That It's Completely Reversible

Jaguar announced today that it will begin selling zero-emission electric Jaguar E-Types, converted from restored cars to anyone who wants one. The best part about it is that the conversion will be completely reversible, should you ever grow tired of battery charging and want just a normal restored E-Type.

The new converted E-Types will be tailor-made for customers from Jaguar’s Classic Works facility, which is already working on the previously announced E-Type Reborn cars.

Some of the car’s upgrades include LED headlights, modified driver display and instruments, and an optional touchscreen infotainment interface, which looks really weird.

The new series of converted restorations target an “excess” of 170 miles of range and are based on the Jaguar E-Type Zero concept from last year, which was powered by a 40 kWh battery pack with a claimed recharge time of six to seven hours.


The powertrain sources most of its electric parts from the family’s I-Pace crossover, which have been slightly customized for the much, much different shape of the E-Type, there’s an all-new propshaft, and the battery pack is claimed to have similar weight and dimensions to the E-Type’s old six-cylinder XK engine.


Since the powertrain is similar enough, suspension and brakes will not be changed and the car should provide, in some sick twisted way, a relatively similar driving experience to the original. I’m sure it’ll be an interesting experience, and probably a lot of fun.

And then if you don’t like it and want to go back to something that makes noise, you have a freshly restored E-Type waiting to have its batteries swapped out. Doesn’t sound like such a bad deal, though the pricing has yet to be announced.


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