The Best Odometer Picture Ever Took Real Planning And Math

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Look upon it, mortals. Feast your eyes on the rare, beautiful majesty of an odometer reading that includes every known numeral, arranged sequentially. This is by far the most incredible feat ever achieved by this 2007 Honda Odyssey, and as such I feel duty-bound to share it with you. Bask, my friends. Let the grandeur of this odometer reading saturate every atom in your being.


My friend John Price is the owner of this Odyssey, and the driving force behind what is widely considered to be the Sistine Chapel of odometer numerical readings. Most odometers, you see, are six or perhaps seven digits, allowing for a linear sequential numerical reading of 1234567.

What makes this so special is that not only does this odometer read 123456, but thanks to the closely-placed trip odometer, it also has 789.0, which, when combined, are every base-10 numeral, in sequential order: the Holy Grail of odometer pictures.

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I reached out to John to find out what went into achieving such an odometer reading, since I was pretty sure mere chance could not have accomplished this; the use of the trip odometer made that quite clear. You’d have to start that trip odometer at an exact point for this to work, which demonstrates intent. Here’s what John told me:

Like a lot of people I notice interesting mileage numbers like 11,111 etc. And I noticed mine was at 122,000 or so and somehow though it’d be cool to include the trip meter. So I started thinking about how to work backwards and told the family at dinner and it turned into a pretty nerdy discussion.

We figured out that 122,667 is the magic number and that it would be likely to fail due to spacing out at one of the crucial steps.

But we ended up having to go to my uncle’s funeral in Hendersonville (who has a perfect 57 Chevy in the garage I think) so just by luck the whole family was in the car eagerly anticipating the event.

Steps to replicate: 1) subtract 789 from 123456 to get 122667. 2) be ready to press and hold trip reset. 3) don’t forget!! 4) Wait 789 miles (couple of months normally). 5) be ready!! 6) Pull off the highway when you have a few miles left. 7) Drive up and down a deserted road/around a parking lot as needed, since doing this while driving is probably not smart. 8) Take photo!

Honestly for me steps 3 and 5 were the hardest.

I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say this is an achievement on par with the development of the written word or the taming of nature to mankind’s will.

Also, a Honda Odyssey’s speedo goes up to 160 MPH?

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Mine require less math, but more skill with regards to not running over curbs/pedestrians/kittens...

Luckily for my fellow curbs/pedestrians/kittens, I’m running out of gears.