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The Best Mockery Of Anti-Vaxxers Is This Car-Based Analogy

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you ever tried to convince an anti-vaccination person that they're wrong, and there's no real science behind their views, and they're just making everything worse for everyone? Not shockingly, it usually doesn't work. But you know what might actually help people on the fence decide? This great automotive-based analogy: the Anti-Brakers.

The Anti-Braker movement was started by Robert Moore Jr, a man who finally woke up enough to realize that brakes are applied in the vast majority of accidents, and nobody is even talking about the clear and obvious correlation between brakes and severe car wrecks.


As he tells us:

So, I decided to do my own research and what I found was *staggering*: Hundreds of people every year are seriously injured by unnecessary braking. One time, I was driving in the snow and I just lightly tapped my brakes and it caused my car to COMPLETELY LOSE CONTROL. My brakes could have very easily gotten me killed. Even more astoundingly is how often brake pads will warp and distort rotors, causing bumpy rides and squeaky wheels.

And you know what? I also found that decades ago brakes weren't even used! People would control their vehicle's speed with downshifting and engine braking. Maybe it's just coincidence, but back when engine braking was used there were almost no automotive fatalities. There were NEVER brake caused car accidents.

After doing some more digging, I found a nefarious plot - Mechanics: The very people who we trust to work on and care for our cars - get PAID to install and change brakes! You might THINK they care about our safety, or our cars - but they're just in it for the $49.99 brake pad installations.


Based on his independent findings, he requested his mechanic remove his unwanted brakes from his car:

So I talked to my Mechanic about taking the brakes off my car and I was disgusted by how poorly he treated me. He accused me of being ignorant, when I was the one that looked up how much rotational torque brakes can put on your rotors. He didn't even know how much torque a rotor can take before being warped!!! He said "rotors are designed to be compressed, that it isn't actually a problem" just completely dismissing me.

Then he had the NERVE to say that my personal choice had consequences, that I would affect everyone around me. Well I've had it with him, I'm looking for a new mechanic. The problem is that so many mechanics are bought and paid by the automotive industry that ALL of them are insistent about my car having brakes. Most of them won't even look at my car for other reasons, saying that a brakeless car could cause damage to their shop and other cars. What a bunch of bullshit, they just don't like those who believe in alternative braking techniques.

Now of course big government is getting involved, saying that I *MUST* have brakes. That this isn't just about me, and that I could hurt people. What happened to personal freedom? What happened to liberty?

Exactly. What happened to liberty, sheeple? What if your children were in that car? Would you want a set of government-enforced brakes on there, even when we know that many of the materials used to make those brakes are known carcinogens? Brakes are also completely unnatural — nowhere in nature does any animal have brakes, drums or disc.

Food for thought, people. Now I need to find out if Jenny McCarthy has brakes on her car. Probably not. She's not afraid to think for herself.