Today in 1982, the world lost Colin Chapman, one of the most influential and important automotive designers of all time, to a heart attack. What was the best car he ever built?

Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman started Lotus in 1949 by making a modified Austin Seven for hill climbs. After that, he went into trials racing with the Mark 2 through 6, but his seventh car might be his crowning achievement.


The 7 was introduced in 1957, and a version of the Series 3 car is still built today by Caterham. That's insanity. It's also an amazing car to drive.

However, if I had to pick my favorite Lotus of all time, that would go to the Esprit. Because damn that wedge shape was revolutionary. It also lived on in one form or another from 1976 until 2004. That's also crazy.

What say you, what's the best Lotus ever?

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