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This is a Puma. A fiberglass sports car built in Brazil based first on the Karmann-Ghia's (then on the VW Brazilia's) chassis. So yeah, basically, a fancy Beetle.

They also produced them in South Africa. For a bit of extra cash, you could have your Puma with a 1.7-, a 1.8- or a 2.0-liter engine instead of the standard 1.6 boxer. That still wasn't enough to make it fast, but at least from the side, it almost looked like a Porsche 911, no matter which engine you had under the plastic:

Illustration for article titled The Best Fiberglass Cars

Fiberglass is great. It's light, it's cheap, it doesn't rust, and it's easy to work with. It also smells like a meth lab when new and doesn't quite have the strength of — let's say — carbon fiber, but if it's good enough for a Corvette, it's good enough for us!

But which is your favorite fiberglass wonder? Show us below!

Photo credit: wbaiv and Hugo90

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