The Best Commercials In The World Feature A Tortured Man And His Kei Car

Car commercials, in general, suck, lavishly and sloppily. So when a series of commercials for a car comes along that exhibits a true mastery of the craft, it deserves to be recognized. That’s why I’d like to invite all of you to experience this series of commercials for a Kei car called the Daihatsu Wake.

Before I show you the ads, here’s a few things to know: the series of ads form a sort of story arc, where the fundamental actions get repeated over and over, but growth still happens, and even comes to a resolution at the end.


Also, they feature Anchan, a deeply flawed but passionate man, who seems to share the same fetish for space-utilization as myself. I see a lot of myself in Anchan, with the bad idea, the continual failure, and the screaming and fascination when a truly wonderful Kei car is seen.

Here, just watch the full compilation here and enjoy:

Oh, Anchan, you beautiful, delusional fool!

Things get difficult for Anchan, with his continual failures to tinker his way to a car that can beat the Wake eventually taking a toll on his relationships:

Things eventually work out in the end, so don’t worry too much.


Man, now I really want to buy a Daihatsu Wake. I mean, I probably would have wanted one anyway, because I love this kind of crap, but these commercials don’t hurt at all.

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