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The Best Caterham Sold Out Completely In A Week

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

We have consistently argued that the slower a car is, and the sillier a car is, the faster a car is. This sounds counter-intuitive, but it makes sense. Caterham was clearly listening and took our advice, creating this, the Caterham 7 Sprint. But unfortunately for you it’s already sold out.


The 7 Sprint is deliciously retro, in the best way possible. No, not like a PT Cruiser, which was all bulbous and bad more than anything else. Caterham looks to have just done their best to re-create the original Lotus 7, completely with off-colored plates for wheels and that gorgeous, flat green paint.


But better yet, it went retro with the fun part, too. Based on the company’s entry-level Seven 160, it’s got incredibly skinny tires to ensure you can still have fun with its incredibly tiny, three-cylinder turbocharged Suzuki engine spitting out 80 horsepower. Which should mean you’d be able to slide it about like some lairy nutjob at relatively safe speeds.

Oh, and the interior is just drop-dead gorgeous, too, with a wood-rimmed steering wheel and just delightful white-on-black gauges:

And just look at these jaw-droppingly red seats:


But now for the bad news.

Caterham put out a release today saying that all 60 of these perfect machines, priced at about $37,000 in the United Kingdom, have already sold out, just a week after anyone knew about them. In fact, David Ridley, Caterham’s Chief Commercial Officer, said that “in a typical year, we’ll sell around 500 cars meaning that, with the Sprint, we’ve sold more than 10% of our annual sales figure in a week.”


BUSINESS TIP: Just make everything old. Apparently that sort of thing sells.