The Best Car Tattoos Of All Time

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Last week, we saw a Chrysler LeBaron tattoo, and I immediately set out to declare it the "worst tattoo" I had ever seen. But I was wrong. And for that, I apologize. It is not the worst, nor is it even bad. That's because it's just come full circle again, and it's amazing. And there are a lot of amazing tattoos out there.

I immediately knocked last week's tattoo because it was a picture of a Chrysler LeBaron, a car that I personally despise with every fiber of my being. But hey, that's just my opinion, and I probably jumped the gun a bit in my judgment.


If you love the Chrysler LeBaron, and I mean really love it, to the point that you getting it permanently stamped on the one and only body you have, well that's passion I got to respect. I will vehemently disagree with you until my last dying breath and will probably laugh at the fact that you got a LeBaron, I mean seriously, a LeBaron, as an eternal fixture on your skin, but getting that tattoo took more affection for a car than most humans are capable of showing.

Whether they're good tattoos of cars, bad tattoos of cars, or so-awful-they're-great-tattoos of cars, they deserve to be seen. Show us the best automotive tattoos in the comments below!


Photo credit: MSVG