I've got a rather interesting question for you that I bet you haven't thought of before: what is the best car for a harpist? My nomination goes to the Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG Wagon, but I'm more interested in what you think.

Some background: my lovely girlfriend is a harpist, and she recently pointed me to this post on HarpColumn (motto: practical news, for practical harpists). They're looking for suggestions for their annual harp car test, and I think us here at Jalopnik can give them a hand. It's important that we bridge the often disparate worlds of harpists and auto-enthusiast, and this will be a great way to start.

So then, what makes a good harp transportation device? Primarily, the car has to be fairly cavernous since a full sized harp is massive. We're talking 74" tall, 39" wide, and 81 lb., so you need something with a lot of cargo room. Additionally you'll need extra space to carry a bench, a music stand, and any other peripherals a harpist may need.

The harp ideally wants to sit flat, though it can be leaned on an angle, which is what you'd do in a minivan with captain's chairs. The best cars for the job are generally, midsize to large SUVs, minivans, and station wagons, though not all necessarily can do the job. For example, the Touareg that Truck Yeah's Andrew Collins tested was too short to fit a full sized harp. Flat folding seats are also very ideal, and the Touareg didn't have them.


My choice is the the previous generation E63 AMG Wagon because it has a huge cargo area, (mostly) flat folding seats, and the wheel wells don't indent too much. Also, because it would be way too much fun to show up at a gig in a cloud of tire smoke in a station wagon with a 6.3 Liter V8, but that's just me. I'd recommend the current-gen E63 Wagon, but I haven't personally verified it's harp capabilities, and this NY Times Article recommends the old W211. Just make sure you get a warranty.

But enough about what I think, I want to know what you all think would make an exceptional harp car. Our harpist friends need your input!