The Best Australian Fords

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I remember getting interested in Australian car culture the moment I saw my first Mad Max Interceptor. With news that Ford is ceasing production of big RWD cars in Australia we thought we'd look back at the best with your help.


Years after seeing that first big Ford, I had flatmates from down under while living in London who kept telling me that being a Holden (GM) or a Ford guy is "more serious business than a rugby final against the All Blacks (New-Zealand)." Now it seems like Australian Fords are going even further down, leaving us without Falcons and their Ute variants.


Ford Australia was founded in 1925, so you have almost ninety year's worth of Aussie steel to choose from. Which is your favorite?

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Who needs sway bars anyway

I've always been a Ford guy. I grew up with Mustangs and Crown Vics, Lincolns and mercury's, Torinos and F-150s. When I first realized that Australia had a completely different car market than the US it was in 2005, I was roaming the internet and found out that different countries had different sites depending on the .com or or The first place I had to go to was Ford. When I went to the Aussie Ford site I was flabergasted to find that they still made the Falcon, even with the "Ranchero" option more commonly referred to as the UTE!. To make things even better it is was a V8 RWD manual 4 door/UTE and they had a performance division. I spent the next 6 months on Aussie forums and on grey market import sites learning everything I could and more importantly trying to figure out how to import one. I even went to Aston Martin of New England and Copley motorcars to talk to them to see if they knew a way to bring this magnificent beast to America. Then in 2007, with dreams still fresh with different schemes to bring one to the states, I saw the Black and Gold FPV falcon GT-P ( on the internet) and knew that some day , I didn't care when, I didn't care how much I didn't even care if I had to move to AU.... I would OWN this car. Since then I have seen many versions of the Falcon have come and gone with my interests, But I always come back to that 2007 model and its still like the first day that I saw it!