The Best And Worst 4th Of July Car Deals

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If you want to show up at your pal's BBQ in a new ride, check out these best and worst 4th of July deals. CarWoo analyzed thousands of transactions from over 70% of US dealerships to see which new cars are getting the biggest, and smallest, breaks off MSRP.


Here are the best and worst deals if you're going out to buy a new car on your day off.

Most savings

  • Ford F-150 ($23,500 MSRP) 15.48% off - $19,862
  • Nissan Altima ($21,500 MSRP) 15.34% off - $18,201
  • Honda Accord Sedan ($21,480 MSRP) 15.16% off - $18,223
  • Acura TL ($35,705 MSRP) 12.00% off - $31,420
  • Acura MDX ($43,030 MSRP) 11.72% off - $37,986

Least savings

  • Toyota Prius v ($26,550 MSRP) 3.45% off - $25,634
  • Honda Fit ($16,125 MSRP) 2.70% off - $15,689
  • Hyundai Accent ($14,545 MSRP) 2.58% off - $13,950
  • Mazda CX-5 ($20,695 MSRP) 1.51% off - $20,382
  • Toyota Prius c ($18,950 MSRP) 1.21% off - $18,720

Clearly there's other factors that go into making a car a deal or not. These are just raw discounts — AMERICAN style! So, besides price, what's your personal take on what matters most when deciding if a car is a good value? Both Honda and Nissan seem to be shuffling out older models. Is picking up a 2012 Altima a good deal with a new coming?

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I got %10 off my Golf R. No, percentage wise it's not as high, but factor in the limited production and how more interesting it is than the five vanilla-bean winners, and I think it deserves an honorable mention.