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The bedlinered Audi A4's been updated. How can you improve on a maintenance-free coating? Paint, shiny silver paint. Oh, and by removing the awful bedlinered wheels too.


Before Paint

After Paint
For those of you too lazy to click this link, here's the backstory: guy had an old Audi A4, it was vandalized and the paint was ruined. Much bedlining ensued.


The update comes courtesy of the vehicle's owner:

Whether most are aware, the KBB is around $2,000 for this pristine Audi that Audi owners are throwing a fit about. Basically it came down to being neglected by another, vandalized and the economy not wanting to shell out $3,500 for just a standard stage II respray on a $2K car.

The reasons are obvious, no care, no chips, no oxidization, no washing on and on....however I did take it a step further. The entire car was broken down: pop the hood, open the doors, pop the trunk..all lined.
The rims where actually shot, some one neglected them with dish soap and totaled the clear coat on the rim and ran up the bill on curb rash. In turn, to have them refinished with out tires: $1,130, no thanx.

For the report card on the liner, there are no dents, dings, scratches, marks, scuffs and/or a single rock chip of any kind. It's actually lighter then a paint job, not heavier, as there is no primer, activator, base, blocker or clear coat.

Now for the kicker, I've kept the Raptor liner however completed a Titanium Silver Stage II paint job over the top of the texture..and a couple other goodies and have included pics. Feel free to possibly post a second listing along the lines of apportion: Rivesed Bedlined Audi, Painted Bedlined Audi, etc, etc.

*However not shown in the pics, I have since added chrome S4 mirrors and have blacked out the roof in Brilliant Black.

-Blake Edwards

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