The Base Tesla Model X Gets A Little Bump In Power And Price

Screenshot via Tesla Model X Online Configurator
Screenshot via Tesla Model X Online Configurator
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Tesla’s online configurator for the Model X went live today, and the automaker hid an additional Easter egg in their kid-haulin’ egg on wheels: a modest power and price bump for the base model.

The Model X’s new base model is a 75D, retailing for $83,000. The 75 kWh battery is good for 237 miles of range on a single charge, and still features standard all-wheel-drive. It comes with a 130 mph top speed and takes only 6.0 seconds to get to 60 mph—not bad for a vehicle that can seat seven people!

According to Tech Insider, the old base Model X was a 70D, with a 70 kWh battery, 22o miles of range and an $80,000 price tag. So, you’ll have to pay $3,000 more to join the Model X club, but you’ll get a bit more power in exchange.


Best of all, now we have a handy configurator to tinker around with, too. Too bad I still can’t option it with old-school minivan sliding doors instead of the gull wings falcon wings. I’m quite fond of that red, though. How would you kit out Tesla’s people-mover?

Correction: The Model X’s doors are “falcon wings,” not “gull wings” due to the two actuation points involved. I prefer the catch-all term “billionaire doors” myself. (H/T Ahmed!)

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Do you think some day in the future, they will have invented some sort of “turbocharger” for electric motors to meet government regulations and then the displacement figures will get all messed up all over again ala the c63 AMG packing a TT 4.0L V8? Example: 75D is “really” a 50 kWh motor with some magic electron blower strapped on.