What Car Is Cool Now, But Was Unpopular When It Was New?

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Sometimes it takes a while for a good idea to catch on. This is true with cars too. It can be years before buyers start to see a good thing.

Would you believe the original Porsche 911 Targa wasn’t a very popular option back in the 1960s and 1970s? The cars were inherently a compromise, made when car companies feared the newfound surge of safety regulations would outlaw convertibles entirely. As such, the oddball Targa didn’t sell especially well.

Now, any air-cooled 911 from that era commands big money, even the Targa. And I think time and distance have given enthusiasts a new perspective on just how cool the Targa was; I certainly wouldn’t kick one out of my garage.


What’s another car considered uncool at the time, but caught on later?

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350-400 hp, 6 speed manual as an option, endlessly tuneable, surprisingly comfortable, you can fit two fullsize adults in the back seat (after you wait 30 years for the seat to move for them), shares parts with tons of domestic vehicles, and you can pick a decent, fairly low mileage one up for a hair over $10,000. Much better then when it came out and everyone cried about the high price and how it doesn’t look like “a real GTO.” First, a real GTO is a Ferrari, second, this thing is a helluva lot of car for the money. Shut up and enjoy it.