The Back Seats Of The Genesis G90 Are Thrones

We have no idea how much the 2017 Genesis G90, the first flagship of Hyundai’s new luxury brand, will actually cost. But just judging from the back seats, it’s going to be definitely up there. It does not have two chairs back there. It has two thrones.


It’s sort of hard to convey just how big these seats are, but when Raphael and I were sitting in the back you’re positively swallowed.

All the leather is super-soft, all the cushioning in the seats is like sitting in a tub filled with nothing but the finest, gooiest mousse,the things fold out and recline, and I’m sure I could hear money rustling somewhere.

Plus the new Genesis brand seems to have just copied all their switchgear from the Mercedes S-Class. Though if you’re going to just straight-out copy someone, it’s not a terrible idea to copy from the king, and to do it well.


Especially when you’re designing thrones.

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