Calling the second-generation A4 Quattro a compact executive car is absolutely correct, even it's just a VW Passat with Quattro all-wheel drive and a higher price tag. None of that matters now, because it's a decade-old wagon that remained a nice car to have.

Yes, this particular car is equipped with an automatic, and yes, it was certainly overpriced for a 1.8 turbo when it was new, but who cares? Those who did back in the day bought a Subaru, but I think the A4 team won in the long run on styling alone.

A silver Audi A4 wagon is the least ostentatious entreé into the premium segment. It's also well built and full of stuff like leather and sunshine (thanks to a big hole in the roof).

Try no to like the idea of this as your daily driver (with a stick), and you shall fail.


Photo credit: peteSwede