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The Average Kid Will Definitely Be Able To Walk Before You Pay Off This Land Rover Stroller

All images via Land Rover
All images via Land Rover

Automakers, for some reason, enjoy branching into “lifestyle” products, only to be met with intense ridicule for... decades. But they do it anyway, maybe to add a little spice to their lives other than choking out the word “dynamism” in every sentence. That’s (probably) why this world now has a Land Rover stroller.


Yes, Land Rover did make a stroller. And it’ll be more than twice the price of those fancy, new face-reading iPhones you keep hearing about: an estimated $2,010 at current exchange rates. In other words, the average, middle-class kid will be running the 100-meter hurdles before the parents pay it off.

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Ignoring every possible hint against making corny, branded lifestyle stuff that only corny, brand-loving people will be interested in, Land Rover announced the “pushchair” on Thursday and called it a “tribute to Land Rover’s breadth of capability.”

A company making a tribute to itself with random branded items is like you throwing yourself a party “just because you’re awesome” and handing every guest a T-shirt with your face on it—if they pay far more than market value for it, of course.

It makes a lot of sense. Yeah. Something like that.

But, just like your T-shirt, this is a special stroller. Not only does Land Rover say that it features design elements straight from Land Rover models—because every poor, normal person you pass will recognize those immediately—but it’s also meant for all-terrain use and “adventurous parents” who want “go-anywhere ability.”


Target has a stroller for $17.99. It was the fourth listing on a quick search of the ol’ Google machine. The first review has five stars and, ironically enough, says it was tested “on many different terrains”—just like this $2,000 Land Rover one apparently was.

Oh, the money you can save when you type “stroller” into a search bar.

The most amazing part is, the people Land Rover expects to pay $2,000 for a branded baby-transporting contraption are probably the same ones who could pay for a stroller that pushes itself.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Tom McParland

Dad #hottake’s okay to pay good money for a stroller. A $2000 Land Rover stroller is insane, but there is a significant difference in a $500 stroller and a cheapo $150 stroller. But if you are a soon to be parent, don’t let people shame you into getting the cheap one because those will pinch your fingers when you close them and will take alot more effort to unpack them. Try a few strollers out and buy the one that makes your life easier and doesn’t break the bank.