The Audi Q8 EV SUV Comes With More Power Than An R8 E-Tron

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Here's your sneak peek at Audi's top of the range electric SUV aimed against Tesla's forever coming Model X. The Q8 also plays a vital role in Audi's electric car strategy.


I got the impression at the Geneva Motor Show that Audi only presented the fancy hybrid wagon Prologue Avant Concept to prove that it's indeed possible to jam even more LED screens into a cabin than what we're currently experiencing.

As it turns out, we should also look at that car once more to get clues about their upcoming electric SUV's styling, which "will be more coupe like" than the seven-seater Q7 according to Audi's Head of R&D Prof. Hackenberg.

Autocar reports that the Q8 is based on the same basic MLB platform as the Q7, but features a battery pack that is rumored to be 10kWh bigger than the new R8 E-tron's. That still won't give the larger and heavier SUV as much range as the electric R8 has, but in exchange, you get an interior as luxurious as an A8's as well as some off road capability thanks to the adjustable air suspension.


While the Q8 will be aimed at Chinese, Middle-Eastern and European buyers as well as Americans, it's an important factor in Audi's strategy that eight US states will require 15% of new cars sold per manufacturer to be electric by 2025.

So, expect a whole lot more e-trons coming up.

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