Check Out The Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro's Outrageous Light Up Air Brake

We knew the Audi A3 Clubsport Quattro concept has 525 horsepower worth of five-cylinder awesomeness. What we didn't know until today is that most of the trunk lid is a giant freaking air brake. Look at that thing go!


Golly, it even lights up when it does it. That air brake is not even remotely messing around. It's like, "I'm here to slow this car down, and God help anyone who tries to stop me."

Audi says that when the driver of the A3 Clubsport applies the brakes at high speeds, the rear section of the trunk lid is hydraulically raised to a near-vertical position.

When the car is traveling at about 155 mph, the air brake will reduce stopping distances by nearly 40 feet. The car's ESC can allocate more braking power to the rear axle thanks to the increased downforce.

Here's more video of the air brake in action. It's pretty awesome for this concept, but would anyone ever want it on their production vehicle? And could the RS3 sport something similar?

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