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Three years ago, we were living in the former California state capital of Benicia and left the house two hours early one morning to make a photographers' meeting at Sears Point prior to the Dodge/Save Mart/Polska Ciabatta/Sharper Razor/Faster Pussycat 350 Presented by Thurston Howell III and Hank Chinaski. Eighteen miles? No probalo, right? Probalo. It took us three-and-a-half hours just to travel the 18 miles to the track. Meanwhile, folks on motorcycles were passing us on the shoulder of Highway 37 and we were thinking, "That's the only way to travel to this race. We were also thinking that our bladder was about to burst.

Finally, in distended agony (and still nearly an hour from our destination, despite the fact that it was actually visible to us), we pulled over to the side of the road to relieve ourselves, thinking, "Okay, there's enough space for any bike to get by except a Gold Wing. And sure enough, in mid-stream, what should pull up, unable to pass? Yes, a freaking Gold Wing. At 44 inches wide, it punches a thicker hole through the air than a Tango, possibly making the Tango the best way to travel to the place heathens refer to as Infineon Raceway. As long as your round trip is under 80 miles, at least. Still, if we were dropping 100k on an electric car, we think we'd rather have a Tesla. Over twice the range, and let's face it, it's just sexier. Of course, in a Tesla, we still wouldn't have made that meeting.

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