The AMC Gremlin Is Cheap, Real Cheap

The AMC Gremlin is world renowned as one of the most hilariously awkward cars of all time, but in a way that's kind of endearing. What was especially endearing when it first went on sale was its low-low selling price of only $1,879. That's only $11,108 to us future people, and that's a nice price.

Well, when I say "nice price," that's relative. The Gremlin was a specific product built for a specific time, in that it was an emblem for post-gas crisis 1970's America. Cars built in the United States, unlike their French counterparts, were solidly sold on the concept of "bigger is better." Each successive model year from each competing model year needed more size, more power, or more chrome, and often a combination of all three. So when the seventh decade of the 20th century rolled around, a bit of belt-tightening came as a bit of a shock.

That sort of nationwide haircut led to the pitiful advertisements such as this one, which really only tells the viewer that the AMC Gremlin is that it won't set you back a lot of coin. The ad itself isn't sad, in that they didn't get Bob Barker to actually do it, but the message it sends. "Hey, we know it's not great, but at least you won't be paying a lot for it." It's not exactly hopeful.


I actually really like the Gremlin, on the other hand. Sure, it might have just been basic transportation, but any car that looks like you just chopped another car in half has to have a sense of humor about itself. And if all you're looking for (and all you're getting) is basic transportation, why not have a laugh?

The alternative is always beige.

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