I know ambulances are serious business, and it is sort of shocking that the ambulance industry has taken so long to implement things like rollover tests for their products. But at least one company has taken the lead on this, and the resulting video is weirdly fun to watch.

In case you’re wondering, these ambulances seem to tumble really well:

That’s pretty impressive! The main box of the ambulance’s body seems to suffer minimal damage, with no real visible structural failings. And, incredibly, that poor dummy bastard strapped into the stretcher there stays in place, aside from a bit of arm-flailing.

The real question here, though, is just how much does God want you dead if you’re injured so badly you end up in an ambulance, and then that ambulance ends up tumbling down the road like a toy flung by a toddler?

Take the hint, dude. Time’s up.

h/t to Eric!