What would it look like if McLaren entered Le Mans? G24 Studio put McLaren design cues on the usual LMP1 body shape, and the results make me yearn for an alternate future where McLaren decides to run the World Endurance Championship. This car is one of the most beautiful things you'll see all week.

Everything I'm beyond meh about on McLaren's other cars seems to work here. The logo-shape headlights no longer look forced and hokey, but rather, they're aggressive.


Even the livery, which I despise on the F1 car for being too close to Force India's boring rehash of the same thing, works here. F1 cars don't have enough curves or real estate to make a shiny chromed top easy enough to distinguish from all the other dull black and grey cars on the F1 grid, but a on WEC LMP1-class prototype? There's plenty of real estate for shiny chrome there.

The chrome and black livery would actually do a good job of differentiating it from Audi, Nissan, Toyota and Porsche over in WEC.


Even the taillights are a wonderful nod to the P1. Am I sure the street car's lighting would work on an LMP1 rocketship? Not entirely. Do I care, for the purpose of fantasy? Nope.


So, McLaren, when are you going to announce a LMP1 program? This car looks amazing.

Render credits: G24 Studio