Photo Credit: Alabaster Fire and Rescue

Back in September a pipeline in Alabama burst and put most of the Southeast in a gas shortage. Almost unbelievably, the same pipeline burst again yesterday afternoon, this time in a massive explosion. One worker is confirmed dead and five others are injured.

WIAT CBS News in Alabama reports that a contracted crew was working on the Colonial Pipeline with a backhoe near Highway 13 in Shelby County, Ala yesterday afternoon when it struck the line itself, ignited the gasoline, and blew.

Four workers were airlifted to a hospital but the death count remains at one with a total of five others injured, as reported by WIAT.


“Light from a light pole shows a house near a plume of smoke from a Colonial Pipeline explosion, Monday, Oct. 31, 2016, in Helena, Ala. - AP”

Colonial Pipeline shut off its gas around 4 a.m., so while the fire at the site continues to burn, eventually it will just burn itself out. Fears of another gas shortage in the South have already begun.