Quietly competent if not terribly thrilling, the 2015 Acura TLX has won the hearts and minds of Normals everywhere, proving to be a strong-seller in its first few months on the market. It turns out it's kind of a prankster, too!

Consumer Reports says Acura has halted sales of all TLXs with V6 engines due to a potential safety defect in its nine-speed automatic transmission that could cause the car to roll away when it's supposed to be parked.

What a jokester, that TLX! From the story:

The problem is that transmission components in the TLX might have been damaged during manufacture, according to a technical service bulletin issued by Acura. As a result, the shift indicator could indicate that the transmission is in park when it is not, which could allow the vehicle to roll away.


The four-cylinder models are not affected. The V6 models have buttons for the shift functions instead of a traditional gear lever, and that's the culprit here. Surely, Acura will get the problem fixed soon.

In the meantime, if you see someone frantically running down the street after their TLX, this is why.

Hat tip to Arpad!