The Acura NSX Configurator Is Out Early And Holy Hell Are The Floor Mats Expensive

Acura had been planning to officially start orders on the new NSX on February 25, but it looks like we got a two-day lead on things, since you can configure your dream NSX now right here. The extra 48 hours should help you scrape up that extra $1200 for the floormats.

The NSX is a striking-looking car, no question, and I’m sure it’ll be a blast to drive. But holy crap, it’s expensive as hell. That blue paint up there is $6,000 premium, for example. I think it works better in the lighter colors, as a lot of detail gets lost when it’s black. This Nord Gray is an interesting almost-green, and lots cheaper at $600:


Everything is expensive, though. The Carbon-ceramic brakes are an extra ten grand, and, sure, if you do serious track work that probably makes sense, I suppose. The $3600 carbon fiber engine cover option, though? Here’s the visual difference:

Is that worth $3600? To anyone, not just a broke-ass cheap bastard like me? How much weight are you really saving there – 15 lbs, 20 lbs, maybe? Are you that close to setting a track record in your brand-new NSX?

And I wasn’t lying about the floor mats. Look:


Okay, yes, it’s a pair of floor mats and a trunk mat for $1200, so that’s really a totally reasonable $400/mat, right? I mean, sure, it would be cheaper to buy six Kindle Fire tablets and put them on the floor (two on each side, two in the trunk) but I’m sure they wouldn’t work nearly as well.


I wonder if Acura will send me a set of Press Floor Mats just to test them. I can pop them into my Beetle, nearly doubling the value, and write shit like

“I’m a believer. There is no going back. The driving — no, let me correct myself — LIVING experience I had using these floor mats makes the birth of my son feel like a trip to the gas company to pay a bill.”


I know Acura is by no means alone in charging absurd prices for shit like floor mats, but I think it’s worth pointing out. Maybe I’m wrong; maybe these are fantastic floor mats, worth every goddamn penny.

I was happy to see that Acura is really doubling down on their ‘we have more headlights than anybody’ identity, and offering a $7500 Headlamp Expansion Package option:

Okay, fine, I made this one up

Anyway, have fun configuring your perfect silver Mr.Wolf-spec NSX!

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