I kid you not, this is an official product built to order by the Briggs Automotive Company. A salt-proof Mono for half a million pounds, designed exclusively for use on your yacht. Because you might as well!

One of BAC’s founders, Ian Briggs spent some time designing high-end yachts while also working on the Airbus A380 and numerous projects in the car industry, and that might be one of the reasons why they think people really need a single-seater that they can ship around the world’s most expensive harbors.


The Marine Edition Mono isn’t any faster than your average $200,000 Mono, but it comes with a special coating that can take all that salty air, plus extra mounting points on the chassis so one can secure it to the deck/helipad, or hoist it aboard by the carbon fiber crane arm also provided by BAC that fits all standard super yacht cranes, naturally.

BAC also provides you with a special cover sheet for the time when the car is stored aboard, which is very nice of them indeed.

Personally, I wouldn’t necessarily wish to put on a racing helmet and leave all my lady friends behind on my fancy ship once we finally hit the docks, but there must be hardcore billionaires out there who can’t wait to set the best time in the area the moment they find some tarmac.


So yeah, this makes sense.


Photo credit: BAC


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