The 74-Horsepower Mitsubishi Mirage Starts At $12,995

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Do you think that the best small cars ever made came from the late '80s and early '90s? Mitsubishi has a car for you! It's the 74-horsepower, five-speed, $12,995 Mirage.

Amazingly, Mitsubishi still sells cars here in the US, and this Mirage is supposed to reinvigorate their sales.


According to a memo from a dealer source we trust, the $12,995 sticker is for the basest-of-the-base 1,193 cc three-cylinder Mirage, with a five-speed manual and just 74 horsepower. If you want a CVT, that's going to be another thousand dollars, and if you want the seriously, luxuriously opulent 'ES' trim, it's going to cost $14,195 for the stick and $15,195 for the CVT.

I really want to like the Mitsubishi Mirage. I really do. Sure Top Gear Magazine called it "truly, profoundly terrible," I like the idea of a too-light, tinny, cheap-as-shit hatchback like the Mitsubishi Mirages and Geo Metros of old.